The Holy Square (Latin: Sanctum Quadratum) is the collective bond of God, Jesus, Shrek, and Donkey (who was consumed by Shrek in order to create the square).

Making the Holy Square Edit

Making the sign of the Holy Square is imperative to conjuring the Onion Shaped Terrestrial Geode. To create the Holy Square, one requires these items:

  • 2 worthy champions who possess 2 arms
  • the chosen one
  • at least 4 atlantian dubloons or a 4 crucifixi
    Wrek it

    A champion must have big hands...just like this guy

Step 1 Edit

Have the champions lock hands around each others' wrists, creating a square. Each hand should hold a dubloon. If one does not have dubloons, a crucifix may suffice.

Step 2 Edit

Have the Chosen One stick his arm inside the formed square. If done correctly, the Chosen One will reach into the heavens from the portal and retrieve the Onion Shaped Terrestrial Geode from Shrek's domain. If done incorrectly, the "Chosen One" (imposter) will immediately die with no extra lives. The champions will definitely receive aneurisms.

Step 3 Edit

Once the Geode is retrieved, please use it at the Rock of Gibraltar to access the Gate to Gaia and stop Ragnarok.

History of the Holy Square Edit

The technique of creating the Holy Square was found out in 1995 by Pope John Paul II. The story says that Shrek came down to him with a pamphlet on how to do it. He then passed this pamphlet on to his dear friend Rattail Legume, who put it on twitter like 10 years later.