Fukn gr9 mem
How the Swishbuckler thinks he looks like
Some attributes
First Swishbuckling Cowboy
Second Enjoys memes
Third High Dexterity
Other attributes
Fourth Gets job done
Fifth very hype

The Swishbuckler is the 2nd fastest Kowboi in all of existence. He claims to be the rightful owner of quorp bol, and is afrequent adversary to Kowboi Supreme. The Swishbuckler lives in a cave on the outskirts of Kowboi Town. He uses a mechanical arm fitted with a revolver on the end that can hold 30 bullets. However, he is still no match for Kowboi Supreme. He is incredibly butthurt 99% of the time.

Fuck Kowboi Supreme Edit

This is something that the Swishbuckler would definitely say. He HATES that guy.

List of reasons why he hates him Edit

  • stole his "property" (his son)
  • is a better kowboi
  • he is better at memeing
  • not a fuckboy
  • not butthurt
  • swishbuckler is bad at squaredancing
  • swishbuckler is a liberal