Some attributes
First hates farquaad
Second married to fiona
Third ate donkey
Other attributes
Fourth top 10 ogres of all time
Shrek is the 3rd most powerful being in all existence. He is a member of the Holy Square, and consumed Donkey's mortal form to create it. His power if finite, he is omnipotent, omniscient and is love and is life.

Shrek's main adversary is that bitch Farquaad. like fuck that guy. and Shrokk

He married Fiona in 2006 and they have 8 kids

Shrek created the Wisdome to grant knowledge to all pupils. He also is the keeper of the Onion Shaped Terrestrial Geode.

^this is not the real shrek wiki. is the true shrek wiki

Shrek Quotes Edit

"What are ye doin in me swamp?!"- Shrek

"Ogres have layers."- Shrek

"You';ve been a good horse, donkey. but i must consume you to create the holy square." - Shrek