Rattail Legume
Some attributes
First Faberge egg collector
Second mayor
Third lover
Other attributes

Rattail Legume is the mayor of New Rat City, and is a wonderful father. He has 3 fat sons and one beautiful adopted congolian son, Fred Anis. He frequently purveys content under the watchful eye of the Illuminati, but also secretly combats them with his lust for peace in the universe.

Things to know about this wonderful man Edit

  • He is rumored to have a new thermostat installed in the ol' casa
  • fact- got a new shower handle last month. exponentially cleaner back
  • wife made him go on a diet but his lust for jeeves bars was too great
  • ok at sex
  • gentleman in the cut
  • great mayor
  • Purveys Content
  • garden is one of the best, if not the best in the world. women and dudes alike squabble for the deets on how his garden got so juicy.
  • grows tomatoes, sunflowers, daffodils, pumpkins, etc. in his garden. There is a special section for roses which he gives to his sons on their birthday (all were born on halloween).
  • its rumored that griswold's nipple tassels get their power from his garden. probably a red herring
  • dexterity levels off the charts
  • Has not announced if he is running for president in 2016
  • was in a frat in college. got shut down after the dean found Rattail's lunar talisman wrapped around his daughter's neck
  • lots of cash
  • only takes baths. no showers

Twitter game Edit


rat's idol: earl sinclair.

Rattail runs a very informative twitter game. His tweets are sick and get about 7 favs per fuckup.