Kowboi Supreme
Some attributes
First Supreme Kowboi
Second wears flannel to bed
Third really old
Other attributes
Fourth goes on jogs every morning with his son

Kowboi Supreme is the Strongest Cowboy in the Universe. He resides in Kowboi Town, a ruckus filled town in the plane of the Wisdome. He is the Sheriff of Kowboi Town, although this is a self-proclaimed title. He frequently defends the Wisdome along with his other kowbois against Griswold and Beezlebub. His six-shooter is the fastest of the kowboi's, rivaled only by the quickscoping prowess of the Swishbuckler. Kowboi Supreme wears a pair of assless leather chaps, which are the rumored location of the Onion Shaped Terrestrial Geode. They are 50 sizes too small, and he has been wearing them since he came out of the womb.

Kowboi Supreme has a son named quorp bol. He wants to study at the Wisdome school of "Wait," but the big KS wants him to be a Kowboi just like his pa.

Attributes and Facts Edit

  • Fastest and strongest Kowboi in the Wisdome
  • Created the Space Knives
  • has a very strong bond with his son, but it has its ups and downs
  • has frequent night terrors. Met Fred Anis in a dream
  • if he took off his assless chaps it would basically have a reverse big bang effect
  • can wrek swishbuckler at anything
  • was a pupil for 2 months or so
  • inhaled swamp gas and now he has rly edgy comebacks

    Vs. Swishbuckler

  • his son said "fuck griswold" he didn't even wash his mouth out with soap
    20150329 001443

    Kowboi Supreme on his trusty Steed