Fred Anis
fred lookin swag
Some attributes
First hot
Second cool
Third all around wonderful person to be around
Other attributes

Fred Anis is the #1 best pal to anyone and everyone with the spirit of Tropical day inside of their bodies. He is the epitome of coolness and never ceases to amaze his friend. He is the adopted son of Rattail Legume, and is the crown mayor prince to the throne. He was born in Kinshasha, Congo, and wears his sunglasses upside down to impress the ladies in his chemistry class. He burned has hand on a hot plate which now gives him PTSD while around them.

Facts about Fred Edit

Here is a list of all things Fred Anis is renowned for:

  • His gorgeous aviators that are worn upside down out of respect for the higher powers
  • his unquenchable and fervent sex drive
  • buggin out whenever he can't get sum chew
  • driving with the windows down and the stereo blarin the gnarest tunes, no matter what the cost
  • he fucked ye mum
  • impressing women with his joke(s)
  • gr8 singer
  • Enjoying smash mouth: hey now ur an allstar
  • Believes in Shrek and the presence of The Holy Square.

Connection to Tropical Day Edit

Joe b

Fred chillin on trop day

Fred enjoys tropical day so much that his dad made it a national holiday in Congo and Yazbeckistan. it's basically what keeps him running, day-in, day-out. it's rumored he has the ability to make tropical weather come about, just like elsa but she has ice powers. he has tropical powers.