Some attributes
First Shrek's wife
Second hates farquaad
Third turned into an ogre. its canon
Other attributes
Fiona is Shrek's wife and the father of his 8 children. She was made to marry Farquaad in the first movie, but was saved by donkey and shrek. Her mum and da tried to make her fuck Prince Charming in the 2nd one too. And in the 5th movie Shrokk the Deciever tried to pose as Shrek to steal her away but is thwarted by Donkey's magic gold ring that can sense dark magic afoot. Shrek and Fiona then banish Shrokk to live inside Griswold's nipple tassels. She is advanced in tactical warfare, and can hold her own against 5 waves of robin hood's men. When her dad died in the 7th movie she used his money to open a new section of The Wisdome dedicated to feminist, liberal studies. Her favorite song is Smash Mouth - All Star.